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Cascade Tree Works Offers Professional Tree and Land Services Including Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Pruning & Trimming Services, Land & Lot Clearing, and Snow Removal Services. We Are Proud To Service the Community As a Tree and Land Service Provider in Sisters OR.

Tree Service Sisters OR

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Professional Tree & Land Services

Cascade Tree Works offers premier residential and commercial tree and land services in Sisters, OR. Our team is local, licensed, and insured to tackle any tree or land service project thrown our way.

Land preparation is essential in a wide range of development and construction operations. A careful eye for quality and skill is required for land development projects, which Cascade Tree Works can deliver. In addition, we have competent staff who have completed rigorous training and are well-equipped to manage any land removal activities, such as stump grinding, that may arise.

We use professional equipment to grind and remove your stumps from your property. Our heavy equipment and safety equipment allow us to complete our projects in a timely and safe manner.

Our tree services include pruning shrubs, branches, and any other growth that is outgrowing your land or creating a risk to your property. Trimming is usually beneficial for a variety of reasons. Your well-kept trees add to the beauty of your lawn and garden, or the overall appearance of your home is pleasing.

Our team of expert tree specialists specializes in enormous, difficult-to-manage trees and is armed with expert expertise to provide you with tree work talent and years of on-the-job experience.

Our team has professional equipment to safely remove the snow and maintain city policy. We use commercial grade snow blowers and other equipment to effectively remove the snow. If you’re looking for a company that you can count on to show up on time, remove the snow, and create a safe environment for your home or business, Cascade is here to help our customers

Tree & Land Services Sisters OR

Tree Removal Services Sisters

While trees can increase the value of your house, there are instances when they should be removed. This is especially true with trees that may cause harm to your property or are unhealthy, putting your home and family in danger. Homeowners have been known to attempt tree removal on their own, only to be hurt in the process. Remember that, regardless of your strength or fitness level, climbing directly above the tree with heavy tools like chainsaws is not always a good idea.

We are fully licensed and insured, and follow the strictest safety guidelines when performing tree removal duties, and we assume all of the risks associated with our service so that you don’t have to.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Sisters

Our tree services include the pruning of shrubs, branches, and any other vegetation that has outgrown your property or is posing a threat to your property. Trimming is often advantageous for a variety of reasons. Your well-maintained trees contribute to the attractiveness of your lawn and garden, as well as the overall aspect of your home. Additionally, tree pruning minimizes potential threats such as branches and plants from invading your Bend, Oregon property.

Looking For A Tree Service Expert Near Me?

If you’re in Sisters and searching for local and reliable Tree Service Professionals, look no further. Cascade Tree Works offers affordable, punctual, and exceptional services that include Tree Removal, Tree Pruning & Trimming, Stump Grinding & Removal, Land & Lot Clearing, and Snow Removal Services.

We proudly provide services to Bend and surrounding areas, including Sisters.

Our estimates are always free and accessible to new and existing clients. Here at Cascade Tree Works, we take pride in every job that we complete and promise to treat your property as our own. Also, safety is a number one priority for our team members. Our team is trained in best work practices and utilize protective gear to make sure they make it home safe each day. We care about our team and clients at Cascade Tree Works and look forward to earning your business in Sisters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cascade Tree Works offers premier residential and commercial tree and land services in Sisters. Our team is local, licensed, and insured to tackle any tree or land project thrown our way.

Pruning trees is necessary for a variety of reasons, including tree safety, aesthetics, and tree health. Even on a calm day, fallen limbs from broken or dead trees might be harmful if they fall. Branches that have grown too large for the tree or are too close to your roof or chimney should be clipped and cleaned to prevent damage to your home. Pruning can improve the appearance of a tree or give you with a better view of your land or horizon from an aesthetic standpoint.

A stump must be removed for a variety of reasons, including aesthetics, safety, and health. Pests such as termites and rats breed in stumps, and they can infest your home as well! ​

From top to bottom, we utilize special instruments to chop the tree into a series of pieces. This is less dramatic than a single massive chop at the tree’s root, but it is far safer. It’s impossible to predict where that tree will fall!

We can bring a single machine or many machines to your location to handle all of the clearing in accordance with your clearing timetable. This will take a fraction of the time it would take to hire a staff to cut, pile, sift, and burn debris on your property.

There is a basic entry-level driveway in our neighborhoods (Two car wide & two cars deep). We have a set price to clear these driveways. This minimum price is based off of our operating costs, which include labor, fuel, parts, lubricants, insurance, replacement equipment, etc. A lot of driveways will be bid at this minimum price. Some factors which would increase that bid are: larger size, harder to clear, minimal snow storage, slope, snow load location, wind issues, roof unload, and turnouts.
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