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    Stump Removal

    A stump grinder is a piece of heavy machinery with a front-mounted carbide-tipped steel wheel that revolves like a saw blade. The wheel is lowered onto the stump’s edge and swung from side to side, each swipe grinding deeper into the stump. The entire tree stump, including the major roots below the stump, is eventually ground up into little wood chips. When a live tree is tragically cut down, its roots continue to thrive and produce new growth. Tree stumps must be ground to begin the rotting process of the root system. Many of the tree stump grinding and removal operations we do will be influenced by the weather. When you contact us, we’ll talk about how extensive the tree grinding should be. We also go over cleanup and what will be done with the surplus debris with you. Before the job begins, all choices will be discussed. From start to finish, we’ll make sure the project is done to your satisfaction in Bend, Oregon.

    Following the removal of your tree, you may choose to consider grinding the tree stump in order to get rid of it as well. All of our tree removal customers have the option of utilizing our optional tree stump grinding and root removal services. In the course of a thorough tree removal operation, stump removal is a crucial aspect of the process. Typically, it is handled as a separate work order that will be completed at a later date. We grind the stump down to below ground level with high-powered stump grinders, which convert the stump to a coarse sawdust before being removed. We also propose that you employ us to level the ground and add topsoil, as well as sod or seed, to your garden or lawn. Let’s face it, tree stumps are unsightly and inconvenient to have around the yard. As such, why not use our stump grinding service to securely and permanently remove those unsightly stumps? ‚Äč

    Stump Grinding Service
    Cascade Tree Works Stump Grinding Service

    Stump Grinding Bend, OR

    100% Safe Stump Removal

    Safety is our first priority. We use professional equipment to grind and remove your stumps from your property. Our heavy equipment and safety equipment allow us to complete our projects in a timely and safe manner.

    Stump Grinding

    Our team at Cascade Tree Works will completely grind your stumps away and haul away debris if necessary. You also have the option of keeping the wood chippings for your own landscaping needs

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Cascade Tree Works will not leave a huge mess in your yard. Our team thoroughly cleans up as agreed upon before starting the job. We always intend on leaving the project leaving you with a great impression of our work ethic.

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